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Credit rating

Have confidence in your investment with our positive long-term rating

About our credit rating

Liberty Financial Limited has a New Zealand dollar long term issuer rating of BBB (Outlook Stable).

A BBB rating is considered an investment grade rating by market participants and is less vulnerable to non-payment than speculative issues. An institution rated 'BBB' exhibits adequate protection parameters. However, adverse economic conditions or changing circumstances are more likely to lead to a weakened capacity to meet its financial commitment.

S&P Global Ratings scale

Liberty was rated by S&P Global Ratings, which gives ratings from AAA through to C (excluding ratings attaching to entities in default). The rating scale used by S&P is shown below.

Investment Grade
AAAExtremely Strong1 in 600
AAVery Strong1 in 300
AStrong1 in 150
Current Liberty Financial rating BBB (Outlook Stable)
1 in 30

Non-Investment Grade
BBLess Vulnerable1 in 10
BMore Vulnerable1 in 5
CCCCurrently Vulnerable1 in 2
CCCurrently Highly Vulnerable

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