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A simple way to invest for a fixed timeframe

With a Liberty term deposit, you can lock in a competitive interest rate with flexible term options. And as the only finance company in New Zealand with an investment grade credit rating - Liberty offers greater confidence in your investment.

Current terms and interest rates

Our investment terms and interest rates (per annum) are shown in the table below. Minimum deposit amount is $5,000 and maximum $5,000,000 of total deposit per investor.

Investment termInterest rate
3 months4.75% p.a.
6 months6.60% p.a.
9 months6.85% p.a.
12 months7.10% p.a.
18 months7.00% p.a.
24 months7.00% p.a.
36 months6.90% p.a.
48 months6.70% p.a.
60 months6.70% p.a.

Have a question about our rates? Contact us on 0800 003 391.

Liberty Financial Limited has registered a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the issue of Term Deposits. Liberty Financial Term Deposits are secured by a first ranking security (subject to prior permitted charges, if any). Full terms and conditions are set out in our PDS together with all Supplementary Product Disclosure Statements and are available on request from Liberty Financial Limited or can be downloaded here.

Why invest with us?

When you choose to grow your savings with Liberty Financial Limited, you can have confidence in your investment. Here are some of the reasons why:

We offer competitive returns that may match your investment requirements.

Our term deposits are investment grade thanks to our BBB (Outlook Stable) credit rating.

With no account or transaction fees, you can focus on your investment.

Flexible terms from 3 to 60 months give you greater control over your investment.

Fixed interest rates give you certainty and help you maximise your savings.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team to help you grow your investment.

More information about our term deposits

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How to invest in a term deposit

Investing with Liberty is easy. Just follow our simple steps for opening a secured term deposit.


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Institutional investors

We also offer our investment options to qualified institutional investors. These investments are backed by specific company assets and rated highly by international ratings agencies. We are the only finance company in New Zealand with an investment grade credit rating. Our credit rating is BBB (Outlook Stable) from S&P Global.

Investors in Liberty also benefit from our parent company’s high-quality portfolio servicing capabilities. These are recognised among the best in the region, with a “strong” ranking from S&P Global.

For more information, please contact Igor Stychinsky - General Manager - Liberty at

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